Lidia's Brides was founded by Renata, and named such to honour the memory of her mother Lidia. When tough times hit Italy, Lidia and her husband decided to bring their children to Canada for a better life. Here she became a pattern cutter, and kept scrap fabrics from the factory to create custom clothing for her daughters — unique fashions that have been passed down from mother to daughters, and daughters to granddaughters and great-granddaughters. Lidia's heart was always full of joy and love, and she is dearly remembered by all who knew her.

Renata, working in hose and tubing manufacturing all her life, had a dream to one day open a bridal business. In 2017 she made that dream come true, and now — with Lidia's Brides — offers a stress-free experience in a beautiful Georgian estate in the town of Fergus. It's a family affair — which is to be expected, we are Italian after all — with Renata's skills as a seamstress, her youngest daughter Megan's fashion sense and eldest Kyla's art direction.

Pictured above are just some of Lidia's many family members — from Italy, Canada and Australia — whom she loved to visit.


The ladies of Lidia’s


Renata Sergejew, owner: renata@lidiasbrides.com

Megan Sergejew, manager: megan@lidiasbrides.com

Kyla Sergejew, designer: kyla@lidiasbrides.com