sample sale 101


Get ready ladies, because in a few weeks the biggest sale at Lidia’s Brides is about to take place and we’re so excited to be able give you amazing deals on our favourite discontinued bridal gowns!

Here’s a little rundown for what the weekend will entail for all those visiting:

Parking on site

We have a huge half-doughnut driveway in the front which we ask you to enter from the south and angle park along the porches to make it easy for everyone to get in and out. There’s also extra space in the back down our laneway, and street parking is always plentiful.

South entrance is to the bottom right of the photo.

South entrance is to the bottom right of the photo.

First come, first served

The process will be a little different at this sale since it is a walk-ins only event. If the gown room is full at the time you arrive, sign in at the front desk and relax in our cozy reception room.

Sitting 2 web.jpg

Discontinued gowns are marked down

The majority of our bridal gowns come in sizes 10 to 14, but we have a wide range of 2 to 24 included in this sale, so there is something for everyone.

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Immediate satisfaction!

There’s no six-month wait to see your gown again, you must take it home that day and, due to the high volume of gowns expected to find their brides, our seamstress will not be able to accept alteration appointments for Sample Sale purchases.